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What is East-D?

Eastern District(East-D) is an online K-POP dance education and resource platform. While K-POP, or Korean POP music, has gathered millions of fans around the globe, K-POP related education sources are very limited location-wise. Also, although lots of K-POP related videos can be found on various channels, learning from the top professional makers is even harder. Here, on East-D, we will have exclusive online classes covered by ORIGINAL choreographers. Anyone who wish to learn more about K-POP is now able to easily access anywhere, anytime, and learn K-POP choreographies delivered in high quality. The online class provided will not only cover tutorials, but also will deliver behind the scenes of K-POP makers.

Enroll in our class to get a chance to learn from our industry leading choreographers and dance trainers of K-POP idol groups!

What do we offer?

Each East-D's online class is taught by various instructors who ORIGINALLY created K-POP choreographies and trained idol groups. Not only tutorials of skills and techniques of K-POP choreography, the class will provide the motives and the background of each choreography, what it's like to be a K-POP maker, their philosophy and various episodes regarding K-POP industry. You will be able to learn the very basics to intermediate dance skills necessary to master the K-POP dance and hear the most exclusive stories about their career and lifestyle!

We also offer private 1:1 feedback service, in which you will receive personalized commentaries from the original instructors of the choreographies on your dance moves.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the classes about?

The classes are designed and taught by ORIGINAL creators of top K-POP idols group's choreography. The classes will cover tutorials of skills and techniques of K-POP choreography, their philosophy and motives of creating K-POP choreographies along with episodes of working with K-POP artists.

What are some distinguishing points of classes of East-D made from free online choreography videos?

Instructors of East-D are field experts currently working very closely with top K-POP artists, and are the ones who contribute the most in K-POP artists' overall performance. Through East-D, you can meet the 'TOP K-POP Makers,' and learn from them not only dance, but also their personal stories and the whole K-POP scene.

I am only at a beginning level of dance. Will I be able to tag along a course?

East-D's classes are designed for everyone who is interested in learning K-POP choreography. The purpose of our classes is to show that dance is not something difficult, but it's all about expression.

So please feel free to join and experience the real K-POP!

How frequently will the new course be uploaded?

2~3 new classes will be updated each month to broaden the scope of your selection and to have you learn the most recent K-POP moves. New courses will be updated with the newest songs of your favorite artist taught from various choreographers.

Are the captions or subtitles available in different languages?

For now, East-D provides only English subtitles on each class. However, we plan to add on more languages in the near future.

Do I have a specific time frame to finish a class?

East-D provides unlimited access to every class that you enroll in. You are allowed to take a class however you like and retake it as many times as you want.

How can I get feedback from my instructors?

You will be able to receive 1:1 feedback from professional dance instructors and choreographers with the purchase of "Feedback" option. After you complete the course, you can video yourself of the choreography and upload it on the East-D website. The instructors will then provide personalized feedbacks just for you. Upon your choice, private feedback videos will not be released to the public.

Can I download the videos?

No. Currently, East-D only provides streaming of Classes on our website in order to prevent infringement of our copyrights.

Can I use the class on mobile devices?

Yes, all East-D online classes will support for both web and mobile device. For each account, up to 5 devices can be connected to take our online class.


What type of payment do you accept?

East-D accepts payment through PayPal and international credit cards. Further payment options will soon be available.

In which currency can I enroll the course?

All our classes will be able to be purchased in US dollars.

What is your refund policy?

We hope all our classes satisfy your needs to discover K-POP. But in case you are not satisfied with our classes, you will be able to cancel your registration at any time after the payment has been made. In case of your withdrawal, unused portion of the payments made for our service may be refunded. Refunds are not available for accounts which have violated the terms of service or abuse our refund policy; violations are determined at East-D's sole discretion. To request a refund, please contact [email protected]

For more details about our Refund Policy, please refer to Refund Policy section on our Terms of Service.

What is to 'Send as a Gift'?

If you may wish to share our online classes to your friends or relatives, it is possible by sending the course as a gift. To send a gift, you may select "Send as a Gift" upon your purchase, and the coupon will be delivered to the e-mail address of the recipient of the gift. When the recipient creates an account on East-D and types in the coupon code, our online classes will be available.

For further inquiries, please contact [email protected]